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Cora L.V. Richmond,

Spirit Art by Precipitation Medium, 

Rev. Hoyt Z. Robinette,  2010

Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond

April 21, 1840 – January 3, 1923 


Variously known as Miss Cora Scott, and Mrs. Cora L. V. Tappan.


She was one of the most famous inspirational speakers and healer in American History.

If you can imagine the picture,— a young woman of 17 years of age standing before crowds of people, discoursing to them upon questions in ethics, philosophy, science and theology, in a scholarly, dignified manner!  What did it all mean? This was the question asked by the multitudes who listened to her, and to which the more thoughtful among them could find but one solution —  it meant that the spirits of the departed had the power to return to earth, and through trance mediumship, could speak through the organism of Cora for the purpose of giving their testimony to prove that death was but the gateway to life immortal.

As an author she was prolific and popular.

Of her excursions into the spiritual world in trance she brought back recollections of an absorbing interest.  They are told in her book, My Experiments out of the Body and my return after several days.

The Soul and Human Embodiments is also one of her most important books. Also, her book Psychopathy or Spirit Healing  teaches about the magnetic and electrical systems of the human body.


Books and Topics
By Cora L.V. Richmond Include:

 *  Spiritual Spheres


 *  The Symbol Series of  Lectues


*   Is Materialization True?


*   Experiences of  Judge     J.W.  dmonds, In Spirit Life


*   Psychopathy or Spirit Healing 



*   My Experiences While Out of My Body


*   The Soul in Human  Embodiments


*    A Discourse on the   Immutable Decrees of   God





LOVE is the highest standard by which everything is to be measured, determined, built and understood... 
Cora L.V. Richmond

Agawam, Massachusetts - - (413) 374 -1744

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