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The Chesterfield Expose (142 pages)


The purpose of this "scrapbook style" compliation is to make available this modern story primarily through the photographs and articles from the Psychic Observer Newspaper, (P.O.)  Starting in 1950 and leading up to this Chesterfield Expose of July 10, 1960 and the fall - out afterwards.  


Both Camp Chesterfield and the P.O. suffered after the exposure of "It".  Each reader can decicde for themselves what was fake or real or the blending of the two.  


Ralph Pressing

Juliette Ewing Pressing 


Table of Contents:

1935 Camp Chesterfield Program

Life - Long Spiritualist Starts his Memoirs

Why We Moved to Chesterfield 

Her Impressions of Chesterfield

Japanese Psychic Researchers Visits

Amazing Mediumship of Edith Stillwell

The Picture of the Century

Walking and Talking with the Dead

Spiritualist Episcopal Church

A Precipitation Seance Pictures on Silk

University Professor's Psychic Experiences

Nature of Ectoplasm

My Impressions at Chesterfield

History of Camp: It's Purpose

Spiritualist Views of "Yule Season"

An Interview with Mable Riffle

Philosophy Expounded

Let Me Tell You - Slate Writing

Let Me Tell You - Spiritual Development

Chesterfield Lives - Sept 10, 1953

Chesterfield Lives - Homer Watkins

Chesterfield Lives - Dolly Clark

Chesterfield Lives - Harwood, Taber, Cox, Bias

Chesterfield Lives - November 10, 1953

Let Me Tell You - Direct Voice Phenomena

"I Knew Them All"

Dr. Robert Hare's Apparatus for Proving Spiritualism 

Blessed Mediumship of Mabel Riffle

Phenomena and Philospophy

Spirit Photography of Charles Swann

How to Obtain Independent Card Writing

How to Develop Trumpet Voices

Chaney's Trumpet in the Red Light

How to Receive Spirit Messages

The "How" of Skotographs


An Astrounding Spirit Ordination

Exposing an "Exposer"

2 Page Advertising 1955

Let me Tell You a Christmas Message

Pressings, Observer Founders, Retire

Photographs of Materialization

What Materialization Is

Editor's Desk by Agnes Reuther

What is Impersonation?

Fraud Uncovered at Chesterfield Spiritualist

Camp by Tom O'Neil

Dr. Andrija Puharich Reports

Letters to the Editor Aug 10, 1960

Editor's Notebook

Flash-Spirits Advise Stop Reading P.O.

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's Desk March 25, 1960



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The Chesterfield Expose

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