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Cora L.V. Richmond, The World's Most Important Spiritual Medium:

"One of the oustanding eminent speakers in the field of Modern Spiritualism, was Cora L.V. Scott Richmond born April 21, 1840 near Cuba, New York and was the daughter of David W. and Lodency Butterfield Scott.



They who feel that force called love, which on higher planes is known as sympathy, thrill with waves of force 
which are already strong augmenting them or increasing their intensity.   They who indulge such sentiments and encourage such forces may stop the falling hand on evil sped."   --Cora L.V. Richmond 1840 -1923



"Never believe or disbelieve anything. If something cannot be proved, then it must be shelved, until one day when it can be proved."



LOVE is the highest standard by which everything is to be measured, determined, built and understood...  
Cora L.V. Richmond 



The most famous trance lecturer was Cora L. V. Scott (who through subsequent marriages acquired the last names of Hatch, Tappan, Daniels, and Richmond.



Writers of the time, already influenced by the Romantic movement, were intrigued by trance lecturing, and by the possibility of cultivating the ability to encounter what we might today call a different level of consciousness. 


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